Acedis’ environmental policy

acedis' industrial batteries environmental policy

For many years now, the lead-acid battery industry incorporated in its activities several environmental actions. The will to answer these issues developed restraints to produce cleaner products, as well as the need for used batteries collecting and recylcing. In fact, these issues are medical, environmental and economic matters.

As a consequence, all of our suppliers are regularly subject to controls in order to monitor production processes. These processes must be environmentally friendly according to actual regulations and restraints.

Moreover, all of our industrial suppliers have quality (ISO 9001), environmental (ISO 14000) and even a security (ISO 18000) certifications. You can find all of our certificates in the download section of our website. Our suppliers are mainly located in Europe and Asia.

Nowadays the lead-acid battery industry is one of the most regulated in the world. Indeed, the european reach regulation, in application since 2007, aim to secure the production and use of chemical substances. This regulation is complementary to other specific directives concerning industrial batteries trade.

ACEDIS established, for many years now, strong relations and partnerships with all of the players in the sector : manufacturers as well as recyclers. Therefore, since its creation, it strengthened its position becoming an industrial battery specialist :

    • Certified production sites : ISO 9001, ISO 14001 et ISO 18001.
    • Certified collection and recycling partners :
      • Lead-acid batteries : STCM.
      • Batteries and accumulators : Corepile.
acedis' recycling industrial batteries environmental policy

Acedis’ environmental policy goals

  • Enhance used batteries recycling rate.
  • Reduce incidental wastes resulting from handling and customers’ order processing.
  • Inform and help our customers on the collection and recylcing issues.