OpzV range

VRLA – GEL tubular plates batteries.
ISO9001 / ISO 14001 / IEC 60896–21 et 22. UL certifications. Long Life according to EUROBAT.
• High cycling application and deep discharge performances.
• Long life : higher than 18 years.
• Gelled electrolyte.
• Gas recombination technology with safety valves.
• Lead calcium tin alloy antimony-free alloy.
• ABS container and cover.
• Can be used in horizontal or vertical position.
• Good results with higher temperatures.
• No electrolyte stratification.
• Lower grid corrosion, lower self-discharge.

Main applications and field uses
Floating, renewable energies, and cycling applications up to 80 % of DOD.
UPS, data center, télécommunication, converter, solar energy, wind turbine, marin and sailing.
tubular solar batteries acedis opzv range