TMS-T range

Semi-stationnary Vented Lead-Acid batteries – Tubular plates.
TMS-T range are semi-stationnary lead-acid batteries, certified ISO 9001.
These batteries are well suited for cycling, light traction and slow discharge applications thanks to a tubular plates assembly. They also get good results up to 80% of DOD and their lifetime is doubled compared to flat plates technology.
As well as the TMS range, they have a low self-discharge rate and are almost maintenace free.
The translucent propylene container allows a visual electrolyte level check.
During charge, they produce oxygen and hydrogen, never use the battery in a confined area.

Main applications and field uses
Renewable energies, traction, and depp cycling up to 80% of DOD.
Converter, solar energy, wind turbine, signs, leisure and recreational vehicle, marine and sailing, electric fence, light traction, electric vehicle, golf cart, aerial bucket, electric pallet truck, scrubber-dryer.
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