ACEDIS chargers

At the moment, we have two different charger ranges :
• The ATOM range for VRLA and stationnary batteries
• The ATOM-L range for lithium batteries.

ATOM range – “Smart” chargers for VRLA and stationnary batteries.

Atom chargers are so called “smart” as they are driven by an AD 12 bits processor.
The coloured LED display makes them easy to use and helps you check the battery status at any time.
• 4 or 5 phases levels charges according to the reference chosen (including one pulsed charge for the ATOM 7500 model). This range is specifically designed to diagnose, maintain or charge VRLA – Vented – or GEL batteries.
• ABS IP65 or IP20 design, can operate in a wide temperature range.
• Short-circuit, pole reversal, surge, overheating and water protection.
• All references are equipped with a double connection system : clips and rounded pods.
• All references reboot after a power failure.
battery chargers acedis atom range

Référence Tension d'entrée Input Voltage Tension de sortie Output Voltage Courant de charge I max charge Longueur Lenght Largeur Width Hauteur Height Masse Mass Conformité CE Conformity T° de fonctionnement T° of use Algorithme de charge Level of charges Fiche Technique Datasheet
Atom 1000 220-240 Volts - 50 Hz 6 ou 12V 1A 130mm 50mm 35mm 350g Oui -20°C à +45°C 4 phases PDF
Atom 3500 220-240 Volts - 50 Hz 7 ou 12V 3,5A 160mm 70mm 40mm 550g Oui -20°C à +45°C 4 phases PDF
Atom 7500 220-240 Volts - 50 Hz 8 ou 12V 7,5A 210mm 90mm 50mm 740g Oui -20°C à +45°C 5 phases PDF

ATOM-L range – Chargers for Lithium batteries.

ATOM-L range chargers are specifically designed for lithium LiFePO4 and LiNMC batteries recharge.
• Please be aware of the nominal voltage of your battery before choosing or using a charger.
• Never use these chargers on other type of batteries.
battery chargers acedis atom-l range