Accumulators & Batteries

ACEDIS distributes salin, alkaline primary cells and all kind of batteries for every use.

Alkaline batteries “Professional” – blister packs, fast discharge.

Alkaline batteries from 1.5 to 9V – Solo, 2 or 4 units blister packs.
Our references : LR1BL / LR03BL/ LR6BL / LR14 BL / LR20BL / 6LF22BL / 3LR12BL
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Alkaline batteries “Industrial” unsorted.

Alkaline batteries from 1.5 to 9V, tin of 20 and 10 units loose.
Our references : LR03 / LR6 / LR14 / LR20 / 6LF22

Lithium backup cells.

Lithium backup cells for any use. Nominal voltage : 3V.
Our references : from CR1025 to CR2450.
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Silver-oxide button cells.

Button cells, nominal voltage : 1.55V.
Our references : from SR43SW-301 to SR927W-399.

Batteries for cameras – blister packs.

Batteries for cameras, nominal voltage : 3 and 6V.
Our references : CR123 / CR2 / 2CR5 / CRP2 / CRV3 / CR1/3N / PX28L
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Hearing aid batteries – blister packs.

Battries for “hearing aids”, nominal voltage : 1.4V.
Our references : ZA10 / ZA13 / ZA312 / ZA675

Specific button and stick alkaline batteries.

Alkaline batteries, nominal tension : from 1.5 to 12V.
Our references : A23 / A27 / LR11A / LR43 / LR44 / LR54 / 4LR44
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Industrial Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries.

Lithium batteries all sizes, nominal voltage : 3.6V.
Our references : LSA1200 / LSA1200_AXE / LSA2400 / LSA2400_AXE / LSA8500 / LSA19000 / 9VPP3

Industrial Lithium Thionyl battery packs.

Lithium battery packs, nominal tension : 3.6V.
Our references : LSH20X2DT1 / LSA2400DT2 / LSA240X2DT3 / LSA1200TNA / LSA2400TNA
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Any kind of Industrial Ni-Cd, Lithium ion and lifepo4 cells to be welded.

Cells to be welded.
Feel free to contact us for any information / our references.

Rechargeable cells – blister packs

Rechargeable cells, solo, 2 and 4 units blister packs.
Our references : RC03_800 / RC03_1000 / RC6_2000 / RC6_2700 / RC14_4500 / RC20_5000 / RC22_200
Feel free to ask us about our chargers.
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Specific spotlight, signs and lighting batteries.

Salin and alkaline batteries, plastic and metal.
Our references : 4R25 / 4R25-10 / 4R25-2 / 4LR25M / 4LR25-2 / 4LR25-2M

*The informations contained in this section aren’t an exhaustive list of the references in our whole catalog. Feel free to contact us for more details.