GelPlus range

Sealed batteries – VRLA-GEL technology / FR-HB
These batteries are type VRLA – authentic GEL type batteries, that is equipped with strong fibreglass/microporous duro-plastic separators and with a ABS – FR-HB container and cover. This range satisfies the EUROBAT specifications up to a 9 years lifetime and conforms with ISO9001, CEI 60896-21/22 et BS6290-4 international standards.
These batteries are well suited for cycling and slow discharge up to 80% of DOD and are rather the best choice for the medical community thanks to a flat plates assembly. For harder cycling conditions (increased percentage of DOD, more cycles), we recommend the use of tubular plates technology.
These are maintenance free as they are completely sealed.
The electrolyte is contained in an authentic silica gel. That kind of technology is characterized by a lower self-discharge, no stratification issues and good results in temperatures exceeding 30°C and during partial charge/discharge phases.
These batteries can be used in every position (except in the upside-down position during charge) as they are equipped with safety valves.
The gas recombination rate of this range is between more than 95% of gas emitted. The accumulation of gas emitted during charge can lead to an explosion, never use the battery in a confined area.
 gel batteries acedis gelplus range

Main applications and field uses
Floating, renewable energies, light traction and cycling applications up to 80% of DOD.
Transmitter, converter, medical equipment, wheelchairs, instrumentation, solar energy, wind turbine, light traction, toys, modelism, signs, golf caddy and cart, leisure and recreational vehicles, marine and sailing, electric pallet truck.