TMS range

Semi-stationnary Vented Lead-Acid batteries – Flat plates
TMS range batteries are semi-stationnary lead-acid batteries. It is declined from 60Ah to 230Ah, wet or “dry charged” and are certified ISO 9001.
These batteries are perfectly suited for slow discharge applications thanks to a flat plates and a lead-antomony grids assembly. They also get good results in cylcing mode and light traction applications as well. For harder operating conditions and deep discharges (80%), we recommend the TMSGEL range or the use of tubular plates technology.
The electrolyte consumption is limited by pocket separators doubled with wool glass which makes these batteries almost maintenance free.
The translucent propylene container allows a visual electrolyte level check. During charge, they produce oxygen and hydrogen, never use the battery in a confined area.
solar batteries acedis tms range

Main applications and field uses
Renewable energies, power generator, cycling and light traction up to 50% of DOD.
Converter, solar energy, energy turbine, signs, leisure and recreational vehicle, marine and sailing, electric fence, light traction, electric vehicle, golf cart, aerial bucket, electric pallet truck, scrubber-dryer.