SCC range

Semi-stationnary Vented Lead-Acid batteries – Flat plates.
This range is intended for ” general public, slow discharge ” applications as a replacement of a starter battery. It is today declined in a single reference for leisure and recreational vehicle purposes.
This model represents the best solution for house batteries thanks to its size and abilities.
Perfectly suited for slow discharge applications thanks to a thick flat plates assembly, wrapped in pocket separators doubled with wool glass
The SCC100 can be recharged by different sources, alternators and/or solar panels. The electrolyte consumption and corrosion are limited by moulded grids which makes it almost maintenance free.
During charge, it produce oxygen and hydrogen, never confine this model in an enclosed area.

Main applications and field uses
Renewable enrgies power generator, cycling and light traction up to 50% of DOD.
Power generator, converter, solar energy, signs, leisure and recreational vehicle, marine and sailing, electric fence.
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