TMSGEL-T range

VRLA – GEL technology batteries – Tubular plates
TMSGEL-T range are VRLA – authentic GEL type batteries, certified ISO 9001, that is equipped with strong fibreglass/microporous duro-plastic separators.
These batteries are well suited for traction, cycling and slow discharge applications thanks to a tubular plates assembly. They get tremendous results up to 80% of DOD, and lifetime is doubled compared to the flat plates technology.
The electrolyte is contained in an authentic silica gel. That kind of technology is characterized by a lower self-discharge, no stratification issues and good results in temperatures exceeding 30°C and during partial charge/discharge phases.
These batteries can be used in every position (except in the upside-down position during charge) as they are equipped with safety valves.
The gas recombination rate of this range is between more than 95% of gas emitted. The accumulation of gas emitted during charge can lead to an explosion, never confine the battery in a sealed area.
traction batteries acedis tmsgel-t range

Main applications and field uses
Renewable energies, traction, and deep cycling up to 80% of DOD.
Converter, solar energy, wind turbine, signs, leisure and recreational vehicle, marine and sailing, electric fence, light traction, electric vehicle, golf cart, aerial bucket, electric pallet truck, scrubber-dryer.