LNMC range

A range of cells, batteries and battery packs. Lithium – NICKEL MANGANESE COBALT Technology. Cylindrical technology.
UN38.3, CE, MSDS Conformity. Cargo transportation test.
• Superior voluminal capacity compared to lithium FePO4 technology.
• Up to 900 cycles at 0,2C – 100 % of DOD.
• Cylindrical cells reliability. Low self-discharge. Fast recharge.
• Battery packs assembly or in a classical container for sealed lead acid batteries.
• Our batteries are equipped with a Battery Management System BMS. We recommand the use of our lithium chargers

Main applications and field uses
Renewable energies, traction and deep cycling use up to a 100% of DOD.
Converters, solar energy, wind turbine, medical, wheelchair, signs, leisure and recreational vehicle, marine and sailing, light traction, electric bike, segway, toys, modelism, standalone and portable energies.

Tips :
• Recommended recharge : 0,2C up to 1C max.
• Max discharge current must not exceed 1C in order to preserve the battery’s lifetime.
• Charge battery before first use, do not exceed 4.3V/cell.
• T° of use : -20°C and +60C°.